This page will contain any latest "news" pertaining to the site, as in updates or any news that i may feel that is important enough to throw at you concerning hobby we call arcade game collecting...

03/16/03    Sold my Asteroids Cocktail and Battlezone last weekend. Thanks Marlin from CA .. Will be adding a page to site of games that are no longer with me. Also working on giving the site a new look .....

11/10/02        Lot's of things going on since last update. I acquired a Missle Command caberet, a Asteroids Upright, a Nintendo PUNCH OUT, a Centepede Upright, and a Star Wars Return of the Jedi... The PUNCHOUT sold on eBay to a local guy..

06/22/02        SOLD Terra Cresta cocktail cabinet. Thanks Mike S.. It's going to get restored back to its original glory of being a Frogger. Would of like to have done it, but don't have time. Will be working on "Links" and "Tech" pages very soon..

05/04/02      Been a long time since updating.. Now have MULTI-PAC 24-1 Kit in my Cocktail Pacman.. Aquired another Terra Cresta machine, but this one is an upright in a converted Taito Cabinet. Also newly aquired is a 1943 Battle of Midway. Both of those i have helping raise funds for the Lake Trask Youth Group. Selling the cocktail Terra Cresta now. See for sale page. Local sale only ....

02/17/02       Updating and adding things throughout the site. Just got my "MULTI-PAC" cocktail table graphics underlay for my Pac Man cocktail table. Swapping my current Ms. Pac board out with a Clay Cowgill MULTI-PAC. Pictures added soon to Pac Page

\12/26/01   Touched up minor things throughout all pages. Working on taking more pictures...
Added ( 2 ) more games to "My Games" Page

12/23/01          Replaced hit counter with a different one. Lost previous stat info.

12/22/01  Called on an ad in the local Little Nickel Newspaper for a FREE Asteroids. It was gone already.. :(

12/20/01  Worked/Added to the Tempest Page on "My Games" Page.

12/17/01.. Now starting on the "TECH" page. It is going to be a work in progress, so please be patient. There is alot if worthwhile info out there and sorting through it to bring you the best will take a little bit of effort. Also, please excuse the sour pictures on my site. I am looking into getting a digital camera that will take some quality photo's to replace the current images that you see.

12/12/01  Finally.. Freeservers that hosts this website for free changed their deal where "free" websites can no longer "FTP" files up to the server. So after many days trying to figure out what the hell was going on, i was told by them that i needed to upload my files via File Manager 2.0. So as of now we are back in business..
Worked/Added on Defender Page on "My Games" Page
Added Asteroids Page on "My Games" Page
Added to Defender Page on "My Games" Page
Added Battlezone Page on "My Games" Page

12/05/01   Worked/Added to "My Games" Page ( Defender Page )
Dropped of another Battlezone board set to a local repair guy to see if i can resurrect my DOA Battlezone..

11/25/02   Worked/Added to "My Games" Page ( Pac Man Page )

11/20/01   Worked/Added to "My Games" Page ( Star Wars Page )

11/14/01  Added some links to the "Other Local Collectors Page" and to the general "Links" page....

11/10.01  Websites conception was on this day. Please check back often as this site will be updated as often as i can get everything together and as time allows. Please excuse the mess as we are just in the starting phase. Thanks