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My arcade game collecting hobby started innocently so i thought, as my main collecting interest is in Star Wars memorabilia.. Growing up in the 80's when Star Wars came out, i was into the movies and all of the toys and anything that i could get my hands on as a kid. Remembering back, I pretty much had close to everything toy wise.. Due to unfortunate circumstances, everything eventually ended in a landfill. ( FYI - Midway Land Fill, Des Moines, WA.. Start Digging... . ) Being around 12 years old, my new excitement was all of these new machines that were popping up everywhere. At the local 7-11 , other convenience stores, Burien Fred Meyer and Skate King, I plunked away  every quarter that i new i could spend into these hungry video games, with nothing to show for it when the day was done. Good times.. Good times.. In Junior High, i was friends with a kid that his parents owned 2 arcade game places. The name of the arcade was called "Mickeys". Maybe a local would remember these places.. One was in Burien, WA and the 2nd one opened in Federal Way, WA.. Most of my Friday and Saturday nights were spent there using FREE Tokens to play every game...  Even through times of frustration when "my" favorite video game was broken, there was a great pleasure in being there when the machine techs came in to fix "my" broken game. I always found myself watching their every move while trying to stay out of their way. Thinking back, I always kinda' wanted to be one of those game fixer guys, but by the time i was looking for a job, the video game industry started to slump, plus it probably didn't pay all that much. I started recollecting Star Wars merchandise in 1995 when i saw the "NEW" Kenner Power of The Force action figures.. They were the "today's" version of what was out back in the days of old... About one year later while browsing the classified ad's section of the Seattle Times, i ran across a Upright Star Wars Video arcade game for $500. The lady whom i spoke to said that i was the 23rd person to call,( all this before noon of the 1st day the ad came out ) so i made the decision to leave work early that day and was the 1st person there with the $$$. The machine was in perfect working order with only the flight yoke overlay being seriously worn. My first score... Thus begins another hobby to help me relive my lost  childhood ???
Below you will find the arcade games that are currently in my personal collection. They are listed in order that i acquired them. So far, i am just getting games that i want to keep and am not in it yet for trading or for selling, but that time will soon come. Right now i just haven't the room for that stage yet.

Click each game below to view pictures and read info on its history with me..

Star Wars Pac Man Asteroids Sprint 2
Defender Battlezone Tempest Final Fight
Terra Cresta 1943 Battle of Midway Centipede Return of the Jedi

                                                                                  Missle Command